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“ I love helping my clients find their good spirits about fitness. Sometimes they find their passion. Sometimes they find their determination. Sometimes they just make themselves make progress that day and find their gratitude in their reflection on their accomplishment... and it's nice. ”


Motivator For the EN Exercise Network community

Why Me?

I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and I am the most qualified to help you make great use of EN Exercise Network's service.


Sure, I'm not a bodybuilder nor am I super-ripped... so why else should you choose ME to help YOU with your fitness goals?


Simply put: I can.  I can help you a lot, if your coachable... (unless exercise doesn't do anything for you because you have super-powers -OR super-weaknesses??? -Or you just can't exercise, in which case, you may need to look into really creative solutions).


And, I've been preparing to, for years. The magic is really in EN Exercise Network and your action-taking self, but my role is vital and can be a great catalyst for your long-term success.


Just to share with you my reasoning for why you can trust me to help you:


Reflected by my trainer certification, I have had a lot of success with being disciplined, for a number of years, in many endeavors of mine, including (outside the fitness realm) pursuing and having success in a highly technical professional field where I was responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment and human capital. Also, I have completed stringent higher level learning programs (and worked on a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership) to name a couple of easily explainable examples that show how I do with responsibility and that suggests that I am experienced with hard work.


You can have confidence that I mean it when I say that when I take certain care in helping you achieve your goals that I will do so. Additionally, I have done a wide variety of creative endeavors with excellence that took courage and passion and I've helped many people with their goals along the way! Now, while I've turned my particular attention to improving my own health, I have passion for providing value to people who are willing to share in their fitness journey with me! If you are willing to take a little step of faith for me, I will do my part and share with you what I've got for you in good faith.


Must schedule at least one day in advance.

Organized athletics and fitness is not just for the youth, of course!

Sign up with me and GET IN THE ACTION.

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