Standalone Services

Access my Critiquer, Validation, and Videographer services that are available.

Critiquer Service

Get tips from a CERTIFIED Personal Trainer (ME!)

Do you want to get some feedback and tips on your physical form and movement during exercise? Do you want to Register as a Motivator?... you'll need some Training Levels critiqued. Book now and I'll cooperatively get your needs addressed and taken care of!

  • 10 Training Levels critiqued -$99

    I'll observe your videos to provide commentary on exercises for your information and/or for satisfying prerequisites to register as a Motivator with EN Exercise Network.

  • 20 Training Levels critiqued -$178

    You can rely on good commentary to help you be your BEST. Save 10%!

Validator Service

Have you submitted your Official Test to The EN Admin? If so, book now to have your test validated and rank up!

  • Fast

    I'll review your Official Test's videos for confirmation that all exercises were completed satisfactorily in accordance with the Eniquette and report the results to you and The EN Admin.

  • Accurate

    You can rely on an accurate assessment 100% of the time.

  • Low Cost Corrections

    If you need no corrections, then this won't apply.

    $25 per hour for corrections. Minimum is 1 hour.

Videographer Service

Need videos captured for your Official Test(s)? Need your video files managed? Book now.

  • Reliable

    Be sure to get your videos done, according to a plan..

  • Storage & Coordination

    I'll store your video files for up to a year and pass them on to your Motivator (& if I'm your Motivator I will coordinate with The EN Admin to complete your Official Tests)

  • Friendly

    It helps to have your service provider be professional and friendly.

  • Low Cost

    I currently shoot only with mobile equipment i.e. a 108-Mega Pixel phone camera or a couple of JVC camcorders. It's not high-end equipment, but it gets the job done satisfactorily. 

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