Welcome to my site where

you can get started getting MOTIVATED

to improve your fitness!

Showoff The Motivator

Must schedule at least one day in advance.

You could benefit from someone, like a friend, who engages you in a non-intrusive way to get a little exercise done.

You could appreciate a guide to helping you earn a Rank in The EN's Ranking System.

You could benefit from a coordinator to help you with your next accomplishment (or your next 6).

You could enjoy a friendly face that helps you keep your spirits up and doesn't push you over your limits.

My service brings you value!

Plug into The EN community.

If you're new or have never participated in The EN community, you've now got a direct link, guide, and some friendly accountability!

  • I'll show you the ropes.

    There's a lot to do and it could be a lot on your own. I'll help make it easier for you, so you can focus on your progress and fitness results.

  • I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.

    Perhaps you'll want a customized routine that you can track your progress through... I aim to help, so don't be afraid to make requests. I enjoy making things happen.

  • Get your EN Official Tests certificates AND earn your Ranked Tee Shirts. 

    It's a pretty nice feeling to accomplish something challenging and then to have a little something that you can wear and have to remember your achievement.

Make good use of your time.

I can help you with your Official Tests for achieving new Ranks. Get on the fast track!

  • I'll arrange Validators and Videographers. 

    Those requirements to Pass Official Tests can be a piece of cake... You handle the fitness performance and I'll handle the arrangements and admin.

  • If I'm in your area, I offer direct Videographer service.

    It's a bonus. It's convenient (and I'm often around at the local gyms).

  • I'll arrange Critiquers, too, to get you relevant advice so you can always be improving your technique. 

    It's a bonus. It's convenient for you.

  • and more!

    I'm always looking for unique ways to add value to my clients' lives!

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